Sunday,  August 1

This is the final day of our official season and all rows of Legacy and Blue Crop are open. You will find lots of Blue Crop in various places on all rows and it will take some time picking them to avoid both under ripe and over ripe berries. Regarding Legacy, there are no nice clumps at eye level so you will have to get into and under the bushes. My best advice for picking Legacy is to find a bush with berries, stay with it until you've picked all ripe berries before moving on to the next bush. We had an extremely busy day yesterday and berries are scattered.  

Since there should still be berries tomorrow, the field will open for 'self serve only' Monday and Tuesday so anyone who finds they may be a little short of their goal will have a chance for a final picking. It's always best to check the website before driving out. We'll update as needed.

The Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Spartan, Toro & Legacy

Thursday – Closed

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Earliblue, Blue Crop, some Toro, Blue Gold if they're not too ripe.

Price: $1.20 lb

 Remember to bring:

  • your own containers

  • old shoes

  • drinking water

  • smaller currency

Children are welcome to help pick, but should be under their parents' supervision at all times. 

Official service animals are allowed in the fields, but please do not bring pets with you due to sanitation concerns. We strive to maintain a clean, healthy environment. Also, there is no shaded parking so cars get very warm inside while you're picking.                             

Please check back for updated information and review the tabs at the top of the page for more details. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Thank you,

Chuck and Janice                                        

(503) 364-8222 - We don't answer, but will return messages.