U-Pick Tips & Etiquette

We recommend picking into a small container which will fit under each clump. The berries can be gently rolled off the stem into the smaller container and transferred into your larger container as needed. This professional picking technique enables you to pick the greatest quantity in the shortest time.

Notice where others are picking and choose a bush a short distance away to avoid crowding in on the same bush. Everyone should have their own space.

If your children accompany you, please see that they are well behaved, no running or cutting through bushes which results in berries being knocked to the ground.

Please bring your own buckets for picking. We have a few buckets which are for use by spur-of-the-moment customers.

Dress casually and wear shoes that are appropriate for farm conditions. We irrigate often so you don't want to get your nice shoes muddy.

Rows blocked off by yellow ropes are closed; please do not pick on these rows.